With a background in journalism, Kathryn Ann Thomas has had news articles and short stories published. She has always had a heart for creative writing. Book. Novels.

In the meantime, while honing her skills, she led a writing group for eight years. The Rowlett Writer’s Workshop published an anthology, Quills, and Crossroads, in 2010. She is an editor. She is a Competent Toastmaster.

She has written a fiction novel, The Blondelle Arms Mystery, the cold case murder of Sharon Pettigrew. It is set in Dallas, Texas on the same day President John F. Kennedy is assassinated and is solved by the granddaughter of the deceased in 2005.

She has also written the fiction novel, Eden’s Gate Beginning and Eden’s Gate Land Between the Rivers, the love story of Adam and Eve, their disastrous ending in a garden, and the murder of their second son at the hands of their eldest. Eden’s Gate is one novel published in two halves—a diptych /diptik/ (Greek)—as each book is one connecting story and is meant to be read in that order.

Kathryn married her high school sweetheart in 1976, and together they have raised a family in the Dallas Metroplex. She loves to read, mysteries being her favorite. Oh, and write.

While she admits to secretly correcting everyone’s grammar, spelling, and punctuation and has written emails to websites lacking perfection in that arena, she accepts that everyone is fully within their rights to correct her arithmetic.